Communication Through the Web

DCI 108

Winter 2021

Credits: 3

Requirements Met: DCI Minor Core

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Meets: MW 4:00 - 5:35pm Eastern
Classroom: Virtual (Zoom links in Canvas)
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Instructor: Jason T. Mickel, Ph.D.
E-Mail: How to Email a Professor
Phone: (540) 458-8653
Office: Leyburn M33
Office Hours: M 1:00-2:00
T 2:30-3:30
W 11:00-12:00
Or by appointment

Personal Web Presence/Portfolio600 points

Due Friday, April 9 @ 11:55pm ET


One of your two main course projects is a personal website that is a starting point for your own web presence or portfolio. This project will be a work in progress throughout the course, and it will be built upon through the various exercises and programming assignments completed during the term.

Treat this site as your sandbox throughout the course. In a sense, it is your ultimate design challenge, and I will provide you some examples to spark your creativity early in the course. As you learn new skills, you will try them out in your personal website while gradually developing something that (1) reflects your personality and character and (2) showcases your skills and the work you have completed.

Your personal website is a place for you to experiment and have fun expressing yourself, but the final version by the end of the term should reflect your awareness of what constitutes good communication practices on the Web.

The site must include, but is by no means limited to, the following:

  • a Home page
  • an About Me page
  • a page or pages that contain or link to examples of your work from W&L or beyond that you wish to highlight
  • a designer's statement page that explains the design principles applied in the site
  • a client project page that links to the client project site, that describes the ways that the process of working with your client resulted in the decisions you made in designing the site, and that explains the design principles applied in the site.
  • a contact form

The link to your course website will be available to all classmates from early in the course. As time permits, we may critique course websites as a class activity.

Although this site ultimately belongs to you, for grading purposes, you may continue refining your personal site through last day of classes for the term.

Grading Specifications

The first 550 points come from design exercises and programming assignments. The final 50 points represent a holistic evaluation of your final product:
  • assembly
  • navigation
  • use of media
  • effectiveness in communicating the principles on your designer's statement page